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A municipality is divided into two major parts. The decisions of the local council (Assembly) are responsible for the operational administration of the city, led by the mayor's office.

The municipality is responsible for:

Local and public services, especially within the town, the infrastructure and natural environment, the regulation of water, rainwater drainage, sanitation, cemetery maintenance, the maintenance of local roads and public spaces, local public transport, the hygiene and cleanliness of the town, fire fighting and prevention, local energy matters, employment issues, kindergarten, primary education, health and social care, child and youth care tasks, educational, scientific and artistic activities, sports promotion, ensuring the rights of national and ethnic minorities, the promotion of healthy community living conditions.

The law requires from the local authorities that problems with certain public services be resolved. This obligation may depend on the size of the population of the settlement. Conditions may vary.

The local government shall determine - based on the needs of the population, depending on the financial resources - which tasks, should be addressed and
in what manner.

City Hall of Gheorgheni

p-ta Libertatii no.27
535500 Gheorgheni,
Harghita County, Romania
Phone: +40/266/364.494
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