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At the end of the city, near the Belchia stream, a high cliff stands. A long time ago, it was a castle, now, only the ruins are present. The name of the mountain is Vároldal. A long time ago, in that castle, lived Hiripné with her two sons. Both of them had beautiful faces, but ugly souls.

The Legend of Both Castle
The Legend of Both Castle

All day, they were in the forest waiting for the passengers to rob. Their mother was waiting for them at the gate and was pleased with the booty they  tole from the travellers. She wasn't any different than her sons, They stole not only gold and silver, but girls too. They abducted them during the night and they kept them in the castle. There constantly appeared a hero who cried in front of the castle.  "Please give me back my bride.are you listening Hirip Domokos, are you listening Hirip Abraham?" The brides fiance
challanged them to fight, but lost and was killed. The two brothers were once again triumphant.

But later, two heroes appeared in the castle, who were brothers. The boys names were Mikó, and their brides keept prisoner were sisters, their names were Lázár. Hirip brothers went to fight with them,  but as they left, their horses stumbled, their mother said that this was not a good sign, and to return home, but they did not listen.

They fought with the Mikó,  brothers, but they fell off of their horses and died. When the Mikó brothers came to the castle, they found the mother, Hiripné dead.

The hills got the name of the two bad brothers killed there, Abraham Hill is to the right of the castle, and Domokos Hill is to the left of castle.