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Shaman Woman Print E-mail
At the time of the Tartar invasion lived in Gyergyó a woman, her name was Bákainé, who was famous for predicting the future. She predicted thunderstorms, hail, earthquakes and other dangers.

One day, a Sunday, while the people were coming out from the church, she said, "Brothers, I will say something, if you will listen".  There is not that much time now. Our land will be attacked by the Tartars, they will burn the villages, they will gather the women, listen, and receive my words."

"When you see the smoke from the villages, have the reaper men pound stakes into the ground and put their hats on top of every one of them. All the women should also hide their plates and dishes in the field."

"When the Tartar's come, I won't be alive, but I will watch over you and I will get up from my grave and I will visit you and I will see if you listened to me and then I will tell you if you will win or not". The people were afraid because her predictions always came true.

So, indeed, within less than a week, Bákainé died and was buried. A short time later, the people who were working in the fields, saw smoke everywhere in the village. The reaper men listened to the shaman woman's prediction and did what she asked of them, they put hats on stakes, which they pounded into the ground. The women and the children ran into the village and they took all the vessels from the house and hid them in the fields as she asked them to do.

The Tartars were not far from Szárhegy, in the black camp gathered and then suddenly, like a huge black cloud, began to come closer to Gyergyó

The Székely people ran from, Szárhegy to Gyergyó and gathered in the front of the chapel. The men had guns in their hands; women and children knelt down in prayer. Just then, they beheld a woman, galloping to the chapel on a black horse. "Look, look, it might be the shaman woman Bákainé!" They heard her yell, "Don't be afraid, you will win!" she suddenly turned and disappeared as if the earth had swallowed her up.

The Tartars approached like a loud storm, but as they reached the town, they were surprised because they saw a huge number of hats in the field and believed a great army lay in their path. The tartars were very confused and when the Székely people saw this, they attacked them. The terrified Tartars tried to run away, but as they fled, they tripped on the pots, dishes, and other vessels the Székely people scattered throughout the field. They buried the Tartars in the hill, which is even today called "Tartar Hill". The name of Bákainé, the "Shaman Woman", is blessed even today.